Amelia Madarang

Amelia Madarang '22 is a senior Political Science major who has big dreams of growing up and saving the world. Her approach to art is to sit in a goblin like position crouched over her work trying to create 100 different ideas all at the same time. When she is not making art Amelia likes laughing at her own jokes, going on walks, and asking a lot of questions.



Anya Upson is a Junior studio art and Japanese major, originally from Berkeley California. They have been aware of the absurdity that is the gender binary since they were little, and use activism, visual art, and drag to have dialogue around gender and its role in their life. They have been making art since they were little but refuse to call themself an artist.


Ariely Mejia 


Burton L. Scheer


Ella Jones

I have loved painting women since I was a little girl. Nude portraiture always fascinated me, as did representation of bodies that shamelessly looked like mine, and embodied what femininity felt like to me. As I have grown older, I have become increasingly more aware of the nuances of gender, and the historical role it has played in the depiction of nude bodies. Much of my work is to convey my experiences of themes such as ageism, sexism, relation to earth, and sexuality. Many of the figures in my art exist in a sort of dreamscape, which binds the human to the nonhuman realm of nature and spirit.


Evan Yerian

I am a Studio Art major, graduating this coming Spring. My art practice disrupts and investigates socially accepted hetero-masculine norms and roles. Specifically those moments where masculinity creates discomfort within myself and others - ones where boys being boys isn’t a good enough answer. I pull from life experiences to inform and create dialogue about how the actions of masculinity can be extremely damaging, as well as name why that is and how to change it. Why are certain actions, clothing, professions, ways of being considered masculine? I answer these questions through my photography and sculptural work, which explores these ideas by creating ambiguities and abstractions of the physical world as a way to understand it.


Eve March


Gwenneth Jergens



Within the scope of my work, I work with several mediums including paint, pencil, felt marker, embroidery, digital mediums, and recently Artificial Intelligence. In terms of themes and subjects, I typically work with the human form and portraiture, and usually create both realistic and stylized illustrations/imagery of humans in settings that I find to be interesting aesthetically. Generally, my work is a way of expressing my own interests and emotions through the process and creation of a drawing of either myself or someone else in a particular situation. Additionally, I am very interested in product design (i.e. stickers, graphics on clothing, etc.) which I think strongly influences the illustrations I make.


Isabella Hernández 


JoséM Maidana

This is the fourth digital art piece I have ever done, or dared to create. I am a SOAN & World Languages double major. Originally from a city in Northern Argentina, I navigate(d) spaces with fear of my own identity, but I have slowly learn how to tame the Beast of the normative.


Kincaid H. Debell

Kincaid DeBell (they/he) is a Class of 2025 student at Lewis and Clark College with an interest in both studio art, focused on illustration, and physics, particularly astrophysics and quantum mechanics. They have been creating since they were young and use art as a way to interpret and engage with the world. Currently, their style is focused on figure drawing and the natural world, how they collide and collaborate. Their main medium is graphite and colored pencil, but recently he has been delving into charcoal and gouache paint to expand his creative palette. Kincaid has taken Drawing I with Bethany Hays at LC and is looking forward to continuing to pursue drawing and hopefully taking painting and ceramics. Check out more of their art @kadeiynx on Instagram!


Lili Kunimoto


Maia Foster-O'Neal

Maia (she/her) self-designed a Gender Studies major with a focus in queer youth empowerment at Lewis & Clark College, class of 2011. She makes comics about gender, sexuality, identity, and mental health, and hopes to someday write & illustrate middle grade & young adult graphic novels and children's picture books featuring the queer representation she didn't have when she was growing up. Professionally, she works in the field of Early Childhood Education, providing a foundation in gender expansiveness and intersectional social justice education in her work with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. She also volunteers as a crisis counselor for LGBTQ youth.


Nicole Catherine Vannewkirk

My name is Nicole Catherine Vannewkirk and I am a senior this year! I’m an art history major and I have been a painter for as long as I can remember. I am also queer as well as non-binary so issues about gender and sexuality are very important to me. I am interested in depictions of the body and it’s relation to the mind.


Samantha Ayoob


Sara Santos

Class of '24,

Studio Art major


Savi Ryan

Two of my identities include being an artist and being nonbinary. The Gender Studies Symposium really fuses those two parts of me together. I’m currently attending the GSEC at Lewis & Clark College, pursuing a MAT with an art endorsement. My goal after this is to become a high school art teacher. Gender began to play a big role in my art when I took my first gender class in undergrad at PSU in 2015. I started incorporating more gender topics in my art and it's become a huge part of my practice. This exploration of gender allowed me to explore my own gender identity, which lead me to coming out as nonbinary in 2021. Since then, I’ve felt comfortable in my body and love making art about my gender and body. I’ll be graduating this spring and I’m excited to teach students and continue making art.


Sheyla Dorantes Sanchez

A queer woman of color who does poetry. For more, visit @mangovenomm on Instagram


Torin MacLaughlin


Yuuki Motani

Yuuki was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up in Davis, California. Drawing was always a part of their life, and they re-realized their passion for it after taking an art class in 9th grade. They decided to pursue a career in art in 2018, after attending a summer art school in southern California. They are currently a 3rd year Animation/Illustration student at San Jose State University with hopes of becoming a storyboard artist for TV or feature films. They enjoy making illustrations, zines, and short comics on the side. As of recently, they downloaded Genshin Impact and cannot stop playing. Their current favorite character is Yanfei.


Zach Reinker

Zach Reinker (He/They) (Junior 2023) studies creative writing and illustration, and has been an artist for most of their life. Genre-wise, his work ranges from fairytale fantasy to dystopia, surrealism and horror, and most often centers around misfit characters living in weird, twisted worlds. Zach has always avoided realism, preferring stylized art and fantastical characters as a means of discussing relationships, physical and emotional identity, and other issues. They enjoy TTRPGs, coffee, graphic novels, stirring soup and wandering with aimless precision.